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"I am not what happened to me; I am what I choose to become." - Carl Jung


Hello! My name is Alice and I would love to talk to you about how EFT (tapping) could help you with stuck areas in your life. Email me to set up a free 20 minute chat about how my work could fit your needs.
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What is 'tapping' or EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a method of healing developed by Gary Craig. It uses tapping on traditional acupressure points combined with ‘talk therapy’ and can free people from a variety of unwanted negative emotions.
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What people are saying about Alice

"That was an absolutely brilliant session THANK YOU. You are a great therapist. You think so calmly yet absorb then direct the information incredibly well. I have a lot to untangle that might take a while, but today's session left me calmer. I am reflecting that I also had a quieter, kinder Sunday."
Julia, London, UK (insomnia and anxiety)

"That was absolutely masterful how you led that! It was so, so good. I think that was one of the most powerful, life-changing EFT sessions I have ever had (and there have been many!) Something big has shifted! Yay!! I have tears of gratitude, I'm eternally grateful."
Tamara, Vernon, BC, Canada (issues around being an empath / highly sensitive person)

"Alice was able to raise different aspects to the issue I brought up. Even though I've tapped on the issue previously, I realised that with Alice's questions, there were areas that I had previously missed out on. It was an Aha! moment for me. It allowed the clearing to be more complete. Alice is also great at holding space and is able to pick up very quickly on what to tap on. I recommend anyone to take up Alice's services. You'd be in safe hands!"
Ava Leong, Singapore (stress about career choices)

"I find tapping with Alice very reassuring, I feel comfortable exploring my issues with her and I find that she guides me gently into new areas. I get a lot of clarity out of these sessions and feel lighter and closer to my true self in a warm and supportive way. I find that Alice helps me process my thoughts and emotions whilst feeling completely accepted, which encourages my own acceptance of myself."
Phillipa, Dorset, UK (fibromyalgia, stress, self-esteem)

"Alice is a compassionate, knowledgable and talented EFT practitioner. I would highly recommend her!"
Anonymous, BC, Canada (self-esteem)

"I appreciated the guidance and inquiry that was facilitated by Alice's close and intuitive attention. The sessions deepened and in some cases clarified my awareness of certain issues, and as they were/are held in my body. I also experienced physical shifts towards greater integration and healing of traumas. Tapping was a new modality for me, and one that I will continue to use in the future. I would absolutely recommend Alice to anyone interested in exploring/growing/healing themselves through tapping. She is caring, knowledgable, and professional, and establishes a safe space where she and the client can work together with ease and trust."
Anonymous, New York, US (anxiety)

"Alice is supportive and without judgement. The content of each session is always so flexible and relevant to what I need. I like the use of colours and visualisation and how this changes through the session. I find tapping with Alice very valuable. I have shifted a lot of beliefs, feel a lot more confident at work and have much better communication with my husband. Whenever I have a session I always think - I should have booked in sooner!"
Anonymous, UK (self-confidence)

"Alice listens very carefully, and this experience alone was enjoyable. I felt accepted as I am, and this gave me licence to be honest about my feelings. Somehow she steered the session in a way that brought completely new insight to me. Fresh thinking! This was great. By working with Alice I achieved progress in the matters I am seeking to transform, and this is what I was hoping for. Alice helped me to see and understand the connections between various incidents in my life, and the beliefs I had formulated; it is all less complicated than I thought. I am finding now that I am more aware of the shifting nature of emotions, and that there is no need to fear being 'stuck' in a particular state (although I still do at times). I now have more confidence in my ability to create a more positive and enjoyable life for myself."
Anonymous, UK (anxiety)

"Alice is an experienced and competent EFT practitioner. She conducts consultations in a professional manner, with great compassion and understanding. I have found the sessions with her very helpful with my issues. Alice is insightful, and has often been able to notice details which I could not previously realise. This insight helps tremendously with being able to address and work on the issues I have difficulty with."
Rebecca, London, UK (depression, procrastination)