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Is EFT Trauma-Informed?

The phrase ‘trauma-informed’ has become a bit of a buzz-word in recent years. However, what does it actually mean? How can you know if a particular therapeutic approach or a particular practitioner is trauma-informed?

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
118 minutes

My Top Ten Tips for Reducing Anxiety

Here are my top ten tips to help you feel calmer, happier and more peaceful and in control.

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
58 minutes

Is EFT Therapy?

The words ‘therapy’ and ‘therapist’ are often used interchangeably with ‘pyschotherapy’ and ‘psychotherapist’. However ‘therapy’ can also be used in a much looser sense. Here I explore in depth the question of whether EFT is a therapy.

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
71 minutes

Seven Tips for a Healthy, Happy Spring

Sail easily through spring and start summer energized and balanced with my tips,

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
50 minutes

Morning Routine with EFT Tapping

I recently made a video about a morning routine that you can do which incorporates EFT tapping to set yourself up for a great day. Here is a transcript of the video for those of you who prefer the written word!

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
147 minutes

My public speaking journey - a story of micro-traumas

It may surprise you to learn that I haven't always enjoyed meeting new people, talking to large groups, and teaching! Read my story here.

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
169 minutes