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10 Benefits of EFT Tapping

by Alice Bradshaw
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10 Benefits of EFT Tapping

Many people come to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to find relief from a particular condition such as depression, anxiety or PTSD.

Others use it with a specific goal in mind – perhaps they want to reach a healthy weight, overcome a fear of public speaking, or feel more empowered in their relationships with others.

While EFT can be very effective for all those things, there are a number of ways that EFT helps everyone, no matter what they come for, and that’s what I’m taking a look at in this blogpost.

(Find out how to tap by following along with one of my videos!)

10 Benefits of EFT Tapping

1.    EFT tapping lowers cortisol levels.

Cortisol is one of the main stress hormones, so high levels of cortisol indicate high levels of experienced stress. Research has shown that an hour of EFT tapping lowers cortisol levels by up to 43%.[1]

2.    EFT tapping boosts and optimizes the immune system.

Results from research studies show an improvement of up to 113% in immune system markers in the blood after EFT sessions. This includes antiviral markers, interleukins which regulate the body’s inflammation response, and expression of genes associated with suppressing cancer tumours.[2]

(See my blog: 4 Ways EFT Can Help the Immune System)

3.    EFT tapping positively affects heart health.

Research has demonstrated that after EFT sessions heart rate variability decreased, heart coherence increased, resting heart rate improved, and blood pressure improved.[3]

4.    EFT tapping relieves pain.

Studies have shown that EFT can reduce pain by up to 57%.[4] There is also a wealth of anecdotal evidence of people reporting their pain decreased after using EFT. (Get started tapping along with my video about EFT for pain.)

5.    EFT tapping rewires your neural network to recalibrate your reactions to triggers and past traumas.

It calms the body’s fight or flight stress response, unhooking the response from the trigger. This is relevant both in the case of serious traumatic events and smaller traumas which still can be a bother.

6.    EFT tapping balances the body’s energy system, promoting health both physically and emotionally/mentally.

Tapping acupoints helps energy to move smoothly and harmoniously throughout the meridians (channels of energy in the body, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine).

7.    EFT tapping can either calm or invigorate.

If you need to sleep at night, EFT is very calming and can help you drop off. Alternatively, if you are feeling sluggish and sleepy in the daytime, EFT can perk you up and sharpen your thinking and focus. (Here’s my tap-along video about EFT for sleep.)

8.    EFT tapping helps you easily access and utilize other parts of your mind that we usually are unable to reach.

Research using EEG monitors which measure brainwaves has shown that brainwave patterns while doing EFT are drastically altered. Beta brainwaves (those used in daily problem-solving and thinking) are reduced, while the slower brainwaves increase. The two halves of the brain also demonstrate better integration. This means that you can see a problem from new angles and gain new insights.[5]

9.    EFT tapping builds your relationship with yourself and your body.

The body is soothed at a primal level by touch, including tapping. When you take the time every day to look and listen to what is going on in mind, body and emotions, it builds self-awareness and self-compassion. The EFT statements that we use encourage this recognition and acceptance of what is, which in itself is so healing. Your body will quickly respond to and appreciate the love and care you give it by tapping daily and looking within.

10.  EFT tapping simply helps you feel good!

Even a few minutes of tapping with no words usually results in a feeling of increased well-being, vitality and clarity. Try it and see!

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