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What is qigong?

Qigong means “cultivation of energy” and it is an ancient Chinese practice combining gentle flowing movements with the breath.

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
44 minutes

Grounding and Relaxing Tapping Script for Better Sleep

Back by popular request, here is another tapping script for sleep! This one is for you if you struggle to let go of the day and have racing thoughts and a busy mind at bedtime.

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
99 minutes

Travel Anxiety: Finding the Pattern

One way that a practitioner’s help can be invaluable is to spot patterns in your experiences that you are unaware of. Our subconscious brains tend to run the same unhelpful patterns over and over. Here’s an example of travel anxiety from one of my clients.

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
49 minutes

The Benefits of Group EFT Tapping

In a recent group tapping session I ran, people experienced amazing shifts. It reminded me that that EFT seems to work especially well when done with others. Here I explore some of the benefits of group EFT tapping work.

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
165 minutes

Seven Tips to Help you Enjoy the Summer

Here are some of my top tips for thriving in the summer months!

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
202 minutes

From Restless to Restful Sleep

Angela Thompson, yoga teacher and yoga therapist, is our guest writer for this blog full of tips to help you sleep better.

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
278 minutes