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Evening Routine: 4 Ways to use EFT Tapping

I recently posted a video including four different ways to incorporate EFT tapping into an evening routine to help you sleep better at night. I know some people prefer to read than to watch videos, so here is a transcript that you can use. It might be especially helpful if you are avoiding using screens in the hours before bed.

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
60 minutes

Christmas - improve your emotional landscape this season!

Even those of us who enjoy Christmas and the holiday season often find ourselves with mixed feelings at this time of year. Tap along with this script and find relief!

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
26 minutes

Fear of the Future Tapping Script

Will our world ever be the same again? Tap along with this script to relieve fears of the future.

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
63 minutes

Sadness and Loss Tapping Script

Tap along with this guided tapping script to relieve feelings of loss and sadness.

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
62 minutes

Stop racing thoughts with EFT tapping

Stop the cycle of overthinking and enjoy a moment of stillness with this EFT tapping script.

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
106 minutes

Sleep Better EFT Tapping Script

Sleep better with this EFT tapping script to help with sleep issues and insomnia.

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
137 minutes