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Emotional Spring-Clean Workshop for Jiva Health Yoga Studio

by Alice Bradshaw
194 minutes
Emotional Spring-Clean Workshop for Jiva Health Yoga Studio

We have had unseasonally warm weather for the past week and it has brought out the first spring flowers and blossom! It felt like the perfect time for my Emotional Spring-Clean Workshop for Jiva Health Yoga Studio.

I always start a workshop with teaching some form of No-Words Tapping (see my Videos page for how to do this) as it really helps people who may be new to EFT to feel the effects in their own bodies and minds. It’s so important to remember that it’s the tapping that does the work, and to feel that balance and clarity after a round of No-Words Tapping. We need words when we want to focus in and target a specific problem.

For the ‘spring-clean’ part of the workshop I guided participants through each of the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), exploring the emotions associated with each one. The Five Elements are metaphors for qualities of energy that flow through everything in life – our bodies, the natural world, the seasons, our personalities, our activities, and of course our emotions. With EFT we aim to bring balance to the emotions of each element by clearing ‘negative’ emotions or blockages of qi (energy), and bringing in qualities which restore healthy balance to each element.

I tapped with some participants’ specific feelings while everyone tapped along and ‘borrowed benefits’. We found that while individuals varied, we all shared many similar thoughts and feelings, which is part of the power of tapping in a group. When we share our issues and listen to others’ experiences, we feel less isolated and alone and our problems often seem lighter. Usually everyone has two or three of the Five Elements which tend to get out of balance. Those who wanted to shared which for them was most unbalanced.

We finished by tapping whilst saying a positive affirmation for each element, designed to bring balance to each one. EFT really supercharges positive affirmations as our brain is already in a receptive state after tapping for a few minutes.

Let me know if you would like me to run a similar workshop tailored to the needs of your community group or workplace - I’d be delighted to discuss it with you! Contact me here.

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