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Christmas - improve your emotional landscape this season!

by Alice Bradshaw
26 minutes
Christmas - improve your emotional landscape this season!

Even those of us who enjoy Christmas and the holiday season often find ourselves with mixed feelings at this time of year.

Very often it is a time when loved ones are particularly missed, whether they have passed away or simply can’t be with us, perhaps this year due to Covid restrictions. Alternatively, we may find ourselves expected to spending time with relatives that we really have little in common with and yet are supposed to all be one big happy family when the reality is we loathe each other.

The media hype and pressure to make it a ‘perfect’ occasion can result in feelings of anticlimax or not being good enough. We may also feel ourselves obliged to make it a happy time for our children, often at the expense of our own needs. This may entail financial stress, as well as time and energy spent on festivities when we actually need both time and energy to nurture ourselves.

Whatever your particular tensions and stressors this season, EFT tapping can help. Here’s a tapping script to start you off and give you some ideas. I hope that this year you can carve out a little time for yourself to give yourself the care and attention you need and deserve. Keep tapping!

*If you are new to tapping, first watch some of my free videos to learn how to tap.*

Please bear in mind these tips for using tapping scripts effectively:

·        Tapping scripts are a guide, to give you ideas of what to say. Tailor it to resonate with YOUR feelings and words. If something doesn’t resonate with you, leave it out or change it to something that works for you. Be specific not global (‘frustrated with too many Zoom meetings’, not just ‘frustrated’).

·        If you get triggered or overwhelmed, drop the words and KEEP TAPPING. Just use No-Words Tapping until you feel calm, and seek the help of a qualified EFT practitioner or other healthcare professional.

·        Say the words out loud as you tap on each of the points.

·        Before you tap, rate your feeling on the topic from 0-10 where 0 is no intensity and 10 is very high intensity. Each time through the points rate it again. Keep repeating the tapping script, changing the words as you need, until you reach 1 or 0. If you get stuck around a 4 or 5, probably something else is coming up – please reach out if you need help.



Side of the hand: Even though I feel frustrated to not be doing what I want this holiday, deep down I am OK.

Even though it’s really annoying to have to spend time with these people I don’t get on with, I accept that this is how I’m feeling.

Even though I’m frustrated because others don’t share my values, and I feel it like {e.g. a ball of fire} in my {e.g. neck and head}, right here and right now I am OK.

Eyebrow: It’s so frustrating, I didn’t want to see these people this year.

Side of the eye: I don’t get on with them.

Under the eye: I don’t even like them.

Under the nose: They don’t share my values.

Under the mouth: I wanted to do it my way this year.

Collarbone: It’s so frustrating, like {e.g. a ball of fire} in my {e.g. neck and head}.

Under the arm: Spending time with them really annoys me.

Top of the head: This {e.g. fireball} of frustration in my {e.g. neck and head}.

Side of the hand: Even though I feel sad that things aren’t how I expected or wished them to be, deep down I am OK.

Even though I’m really missing {my mum / my gran / my dog}and I’m sad they can’t be with us this year, I accept these feelings as part of my love for them.

Even though it’s a bit of an anticlimax, and I feel it like {e.g. a heavy grey cloud} in my {e.g. heart}, right here and right now I am OK.

Eyebrow: This isn’t what I wanted.

Side of the eye: I miss them.

Under the eye:  I hoped it would be different, and that makes me sad.

Under the nose: This {e.g. heavy grey cloud} of sadness in my {e.g. heart}.

Under the mouth: The sadness of missing loved ones at this time of year.

Collarbone: Things aren’t how I expected, and it’s sad.

Under the arm: It’s an anticlimax and I feel let down and sad.

Top of the head: This {e.g. heavy grey cloud} of sadness in my {e.g. heart}.

Side of the hand: Even though I’m feeling some tension in my body and I’m tired and frazzled, I choose to relax and let go of all tension at this moment.

Even though I wanted everything to be perfect and I really don’t know if it’s going to be, I choose to nourish myself for these few minutes.

Even though this time of year has its difficult moments, I choose to notice and cherish the moments of joy.

Eyebrow: This remaining frustration and tension in my body.

Side of the eye: This remaining sadness and feeling of anticlimax.

Under the eye: I choose to relax completely right here and right now.

Under the nose: I choose to stay true to my values in a relaxed and loving way.

Under the mouth: I choose to be at peace and carry this feeling with me through my day.

Collarbone:  I choose to release all remaining tension, frustration and sadness as and when it feels right.

Under the arm: I choose to notice and cherish each moment of joy.

Top of the head:  I choose to be at peace.

I'd love to help you free yourself of negative emotions at the holiday season - please contact me to set up a free 20 minute chat and explore the options!

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