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My public speaking journey - a story of micro-traumas

It may surprise you to learn that I haven't always enjoyed meeting new people, talking to large groups, and teaching! Read my story here.

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
169 minutes

Grounding and Relaxing Tapping Script for Better Sleep

Back by popular request, here is another tapping script for sleep! This one is for you if you struggle to let go of the day and have racing thoughts and a busy mind at bedtime.

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
99 minutes

Travel Anxiety: Finding the Pattern

One way that a practitioner’s help can be invaluable is to spot patterns in your experiences that you are unaware of. Our subconscious brains tend to run the same unhelpful patterns over and over. Here’s an example of travel anxiety from one of my clients.

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
49 minutes

What is EFT and how does it work? ~ Podcast with Frances Robertson-Ritchie

Interested in how EFT works, my story and practice, and other tidbits of information? Read the transcript of my guest appearnce on the podcast "The Explored Life: More Than Yoga".

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
677 minutes

Stop racing thoughts with EFT tapping

Stop the cycle of overthinking and enjoy a moment of stillness with this EFT tapping script.

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
106 minutes

Sleep Better EFT Tapping Script

Sleep better with this EFT tapping script to help with sleep issues and insomnia.

Alice Bradshaw Alice Bradshaw
137 minutes