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The Triangle of Health

by Alice Bradshaw
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The Triangle of Health

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique – so it’s all about emotions right? Well, yes, but emotions never exist in isolation from other parts of our well-being as humans.

Sometimes my clients are surprised when working with emotions heals their physical pain. Other times they can’t understand how focusing only on the feeling in their body as they remember a past event can change their outlook on life in the present.

Here’s a model that can help us to understand how it works. Imagine your health as a triangle with 3 sides or aspects: Physical, Mental/Emotional and Energetic.[1]

Each side of the triangle affects the other sides, for example emotional stress (thoughts and feelings) will affect your physical body as a raised heartbeat, raised cortisol levels, and so on. On the other hand, a physical symptom such as a hormonal imbalance may also affect your thoughts and emotions. An energetic disruption such as living next to a mobile phone tower will sooner or later affect your physical body. Likewise, exhausting your body physically through over-exertion or not eating enough, will deplete the body’s energy system as well.
None can be changed without the others also changing in response. The three are intertwined, because they are aspects of the same thing – energy is matter, as Einstein famously proved. Your body is the densest form (matter), and thoughts, emotions, and bio-energy are less dense. There is a constant interplay between the three aspects, and none is really separate from the others.

Of course, the inter-connection can bring about positive changes as well – consciously breathing more slowly and deeply (physical) will make you feel more relaxed emotionally and mentally. Visualising a safe place has been shown to reduce the felt sensation of physical pain and reduce the need for painkillers.[2]

The Triangle of Health model can help us understand why EFT is so effective. We tap on our body, which is inherently soothing at a physical level (the physical affecting the emotional and mental). We tap on acupoints, which stimulates the body’s energy system, while focusing mentally on thoughts and feelings. We can also use EFT tapping to focus on physical sensations such as pain.

To take an example, imagine someone has a headache. It may be caused by something physical such as a hormonal imbalance, or something mental and emotional such as stress. It may be caused by an energetic imbalance in the meridians (energy channels) of the body. Or, very often, all three are involved at the same time! By changing any one of these, healing can result. We can address the stress response to life using the EFT process, or alternatively we can start with the physical pain as a focus for the EFT procedure. In both cases, we are balancing the flow of qi (energy) in the body’s meridians by tapping the EFT acupoints.

When we look at health in this truly holistic way, we get a much deeper understanding of what may be going on and how we can help ourselves to feel better.

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[1] I have adapted this model from one I learned in the Touch for Health healing modality, where the sides of the triangle are named Structural, Mental/Emotional, and Biochemical.