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Author name: Alice Bradshaw


Radical Acceptance in EFT tapping

Using EFT tapping to explore deeply held beliefs about ourselves can become even more profound when we incorporate radical acceptance. Practising self-love, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness can be a life-long journey, with the promise of increasing joy and inner peace along the way.


Teach Your Body to Feel Safe Tapping Script

One of my most popular videos is called Teach Your Body to Feel Safe. Our bodies can get stuck in old patterns of anxiety and stress that relate to past events which are no longer relevant. In this video you can tap along to remind your body that right here, right now, you are safe.

I’ve made this transcript of the video for those who prefer to follow a written tapping script.


EFT for Pain

How can a technique which targets emotions work on the physical level?
With skilful questioning in a therapeutic space, it is possible to pinpoint the emotional factors contributing to pain or other physical conditions.

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