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4 ways we can lose our energy and what to do about it!

Nutrition and well-being coach Alison Pitt is our guest writer for this blog about how our energy may be draining away and how to fix it.

Nutrition and well-being coach Alison Pitt is our guest writer for this blog about how our energy may be draining away and how to fix it.

If you are someone who has struggled with lack of energy, or, like me, chronic illness and fatigue, then you may well have tried eating healthier, getting better sleep, taking supplements, and doing some gentle exercise. However, there might be more going on in your inner being that’s draining your energy.

On my healing journey I discovered that typically chronic illness and chronic fatigue rarely has one root cause. Whilst it may have started as a virus, a traumatic incident, or a hormone imbalance, it’s normally a accumulation of factors that lead to the body ‘crashing’ and becoming ill.

There are two factors that often go hand in hand – the physical and the psychological.

As part of my recovery, I took time to really look into my inner world, and step by step the inner freedom I found brought more and more physical healing too. ⠀

Here are 4 ways we can lose energy which can sometimes prevent or slow down healing:⠀

1. The past⠀
• A traumatic incident (and a sense of it shouldn’t have happened)
• Unforgiveness or bitterness⠀
• A stressful situation unresolved⠀
• A difficult relationship breakup⠀

2. The future
• What we hope will or won’t happen⠀
• Anxiety about some future event⠀

3. Ourselves⠀
• Our identities and beliefs⠀
• I’m not good enough…not clever enough… not slim enough⠀
• I can’t because… I’m single, I’m married, I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough money⠀

4. Others
• Too many commitments⠀
• Looking after children or caring for someone⠀
• Co dependant relationships⠀
• Buying into someone else’s ideas and beliefs ⠀
• Not living authentically as you⠀

When recovering from chronic illness we need all the reserves of energy we can get to help our body heal. These 4 things massively drain our energy and place stress on the body which further depletes our resources. ⠀

Taking time to have a look at some of these energy drains can be hard and it would be great if we could just pop a pill and get better, but sometimes we have to look a little deeper inside!

For me that included:

  • Processing grief, loss, anger
  • Processing trauma
  • Forgiving others, forgiving myself
  • Identifying and being aware of personality traits e.g drivenness
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs
  • Being authentically me and putting me first

EFT tapping, coaching, counselling and prayer were all parts of my journey to address these, and finding the right techniques to help you will bring deeper healing, wholeness and freedom than you’d ever thought possible!

Alison is a nutrition and well-being coach helping women put simple strategies in place to re-find energy, restore their well-being and feel great again, so they can enjoy life!

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