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The Benefits of Group EFT Tapping

In a recent group tapping session I ran, people experienced amazing shifts. It reminded me that that EFT seems to work especially well when done with others. Here I explore some of the benefits of group EFT tapping work.

In a recent group tapping session I ran, people felt such amazing shifts. As a group we were working with physical tension, so for example one person had neck pain that disappeared completely, another had a sensation of heaviness in the head and shoulders which reduced to a minimal amount of discomfort, and another had a headache which reduced significantly.

It reminded me that one of the reasons I run these groups is that EFT seems to work especially well when done with others. The effects are enhanced. It takes fewer rounds of tapping to bring down the intensity of body sensations or metaphors. I have noticed that while tapping with any number of people is beneficial, 5-12 people is a good number for a small group – big enough to get the group effect but small enough that people feel comfortable sharing and can feel each others’ individual presence.

Lynne McTaggart, founder of the Power of Eight movement, says:

“When individuals in a group focus their intention together on a single target, a powerful collective dynamic emerges that can heal longstanding conditions, mend fractured relationships, lower violence and even rekindle life purpose.” [1]

Humans are social mammals

It is a deep-rooted instinct to do things together and we all need interactions with each other to be emotionally and physically well. If you have ever sung in a choir or performed as a group in any way, attended a live concert or sports event, you will have felt the power of a community coming together for a specific purpose for yourself. There are elements of social bonding and community spirit at work, but also a more subtle and powerful interpersonal attunement or ‘hive mind’ aspect, as well as a neurological and energetic harmony or coherence. All of these aspects are very healing.

Tapping in a group setting can take two main different forms

One is the Borrowing Benefits method (see my video on this topic) – where a practitioner does a session with one person (it could be a full length session, or just a few minutes). The rest of the group tune into an issue of their own before it starts, rate it from 0-10 in intensity, and then watch, listen and tap on themselves along with the practitioner and the other group member. After the issue is hopefully resolved, or at the end of the tapping session, everyone checks their own intensity score on their own issues – usually, it has reduced a great deal. The practitioner may then tap briefly with individual group members whose issue has not fully reduced to 1 or 2. The Borrowing Benefits effect also works if you tap along with a video after the event.

Although Borrowing Benefits is the classic EFT group method, as discovered by Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, recent research has shown that any tapping in a group may have an enhanced effect. Dr Peta Stapleton (2020) has shown that group tapping reduced cortisol, a major stress hormone, by 43% in one hour.[2] This study replicated a 2012 study by Dawson Church that showed a reduction in cortisol levels of 24%.[3] However, there was one difference – the 2020 study used group EFT rather than individual sessions, and achieved a far greater effect!

Theme for the session

A second way to tap with a group is when the practitioner leads everyone to tap, as I usually do in my groups. I may suggest a theme for the session such as food cravings, money mindset blocks, or physical tension. Another group I co-host for a group of professional colleagues (EFT practitioners) is called Tap the News – we bring news stories that are troubling us to the group. In this type of group, the words of everyone in the group are incorporated by the practitioner into the phrases that everyone taps on, and usually everyone also repeats all of the phrases out loud after the practitioner. Therefore, a certain amount of Borrowing Benefits is also going on, as well as each person tapping with their own words.

People often tend to share the same or similar issues in the groups I run. They come with similar issues, as if by chance. One time everyone will come with physical tension in a similar area of the body. Another time everyone will bring similar feelings – frustration, say, or anxiety, or tiredness. It can be very validating to realise that others in a group share our pain, and that we truly are not alone in our suffering.

I myself regularly attend group tapping events to benefit from the group energy and big shifts that take place. I have also found that volunteering to be the demo person in a Borrowing Benefits group is a really great way to get deep shifts in one session – so if you would like to try it, please let me know!


[2] Stapleton P, Crighton G, Sabot D, O’Neill HM. (2020). Reexamining the effect of emotional freedom techniques on stress biochemistry: A randomized controlled trial. Psychological Trauma: theory, research, practice and policy, 2020, 12(8), 869-877. Available at

[3] Church, Dawson, Yount, Garret, and Brooks, Audrey. “The effect of emotional freedom techniques (EFT) on stress biochemistry: A randomized controlled trial.” Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 200 (2012): 891-896

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