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Monday Mood Check-In

Each Monday in my Facebook group, I offer a quick Mood Check-in. Members are invited to report their mood using a coloured heart emoji: Here's what I've learned!

Each Monday in my Facebook group (Anxiety Relief Tapping), I offer a quick Mood Check-in. Members are invited to report their mood using a coloured heart emoji:

Traffic Lights Tapping Method

I’ve been doing this since I started my group a few years ago. It ties in with the Traffic Lights Tapping method, where we assess our mood and then tap around the EFT tapping points, before checking in again. In this way, we can quickly shift our mood and regulate our emotional state from red or orange down towards yellow or green.

It’s easy to just put an emoji under a post rather than write something, getting into details and self-expression (although those are welcome too!) No one needs to know what someone is going through in order to empathise and offer support and solidarity. Other members often respond to each others’ posts, either with a simple emoji or a message, to express support at a tough time or joy in others’ happy states.

I try to keep my Facebook group as free from advice as possible. If someone I know well puts an orange or red heart, sometimes I may offer them virtual hugs and love. If I don’t know them, I try to make sure they have someone in their life to support them and talk to about the challenge they are facing. When people report a yellow heart, I usually offer some kind of good wishes for increased peace and calm as the week goes on. I always report my own mood as well – although I’m an experienced EFT practitioner, life still throws us curveballs which take time to deal with.

What I’ve noticed

About 3-7 members reply to the post each week. For some members, this is the only post they engage with each week. Some reply every week; others reply sometimes (maybe they don’t always see the post). Some people like to explain why they’ve chosen that colour. Some like to put different colours or other pictures or GIFs to express their feelings. Some people only respond when they’re feeling green (maybe because some of us don’t feel like interacting with others or being vulnerable when we feel bad.) Others only respond when they’re feeling activated (maybe because they are in need of support and connection, and when feeling great they don’t need this). Every single person who reports orange and red also some weeks or months later reports green.

There is overall more green reported than red/orange. On any given Monday, there are normally more green hearts than orange and red. For example, for myself over the past year, I have far more green hearts than any other colour, despite facing some tough challenges. Sometimes I notice I’ve only put an orange when I know that week was really awful. That tells me that it may only have been 2-3 days that were red, although in my memory the whole week or month was difficult – at the time there were nuances and days when things felt better.

What I’ve learned

The Monday Mood Check-in reminds us that we all go through ups and downs over time. I do, you do, everyone does – it is part of the human experience. Life throws stuff at us from time to time, and at other times we are deliriously happy. We are all human and one person will have an up when another has a down. We can support each other, recognizing each other’s humanity and the similarities between us. Remembering this can help us to surf through the tough times more easily.

This too shall pass – it’s a cliché, but it really is true. The only thing we can be certain of in life is that things will change, and that includes situations that make us feel sad, stressed or angry. Our feelings about the same situation can also undergo a complete change. We can use tools such as EFT tapping to help us through the challenges. It helps the curveballs to not have lasting effects. What can help us the most is to develop resilience, to be able to bounce back quickly from each one, and not hold onto that stress beyond the event that has caused it, or in anticipation of an event.

We tend to catastrophise – our brains focus more on the negative. In actual fact, for most of us there is more green than orange/red. It can be illuminating to see the ratings that you yourself have given when you look back with an emotional impression of “oh, that was a bad month!” Try it and see! Keep a note once a week or once a day of the main mood you are feeling, and track it over time.

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